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It's a heavy responsibility. If you're ready for it, we would love to hear from you.

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Taking this on is both challenging and highly rewarding.

The role of Community Lead is absolutely central to hosting and supporting Ukrainian displaced people. We have created this guide to support other Community Leads based on our experience in northern France. Key requirements for an excellent Community Lead are; (1) High levels of motivation; (2) Experience and skills in organizing complex tasks and mobilizing diverse groups of volunteers; and (3) Sufficient time (depending on the size of your group, this could be anywhere from a 20-hours a week to 40 hours a week, especially initially.) Before deciding on becoming a Community Lead, it is important to; Read our guidebooks, manuals and checklists which include key government documents, the overall Community Lead guidebook etc. to understand what is involved. Attend a training session to understand the requirements of the role and what support is available.
Useful documents
I want to become a coordinator.


They left everything behind, we can't leave them with nothing.

Bottles, pacifiers, hats, scarves, gloves, blankets, old electronics, sim cards.....

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Help them adapt

Help them meet their needs, rent transport, build a new life. You can donate here



You speak Ukrainian, Polish, or Russian and you want to help as an interpreter, translator? Participate here


Help them get from place to place

If you know you can help them drive them where they're needed (schools, medical appointments, administration, etc.) Participate here


We need your help!

Be part of our projects (nurseries, French lessons, sport competitions, movie nights etc.). Participate here

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Adapting to a new area

Job offers are the first step to adapting to a new environement. We welcome any information be it remote work or otherwise. Please submit information here!

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